From ideas to implementation, OCC will benefit your organization by developing creative solutions to the challenges you face which will result in real improvements to your business.

OCC was founded to bring together the decades of experience of its founder and partners to collaborate to serve the needs of a diverse range of companies who desire assistance on either a project or business line basis. 

OCC consultants have broad industry expertise, including in-depth experience in the following fields:

  • Commercial and Investment Banking
  • Securities
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Consumer finance
    • Unsecured Consumer Lending
    • Installment Sales Lending
    • Credit Card
    • Auto Loans
    • Residential Mortgage Lending
  • Small Business Finance
  • Distressed Company/Asset Finance
  • Loan Servicing


OCC consultants can help in a number of key areas including:

OCC consultants’ scope of work will typically include the following:

  • assist in the definition of a project
  • produce a needs analysis
  • determine project specifics on the basis of identified needs
  • research the project or problem
  • prepare a gap analysis
  • present recommendations to achieve the project specific objectives
  • assist in the implementation of the recommendations
  • perform a post-project review summarizing the work performed and presenting any information developed that the client might use to help manage the business going forward

In addition to management consulting, OCC consultants have extensive experience in a broad spectrum of asset finance, including:

  • Securitization - all consumer asset classes
  • Capital Goods Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Distressed Company/Asset Finance
  • Leveraged Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Solar Finance